Laser & Camera Multi Sorter

High - Tech

High Quality

Precision Sorting

High Performance

Fast Sorting

Solid Structure

User Friendly

Fast Service


Double side object scanning
Detection foreign materials with different chemical nature from accept product even if it is the same color
Sensitive color sorting
Ultraviolet reflective objects (Aflatoxine)
Glass Detection
Suitable for sticky and non-slip products from vertical ramps
Can be used for wet or dry products
Fully stainless steel structure
Long belt for proper fixing of products to be sorted
Monophase Electricity
Ip 65


Double side laser scanning units (top and bottom)
Up to 4000 scans per second wıth 8 lasers
Real Hyperspectral scanning unit, up to 6000 scans per second (top)
Double side high resolution color camera, up to 10000 scans per second (top and bottom)
Multi signal combined algorithm laser-cam software
Extra shaker before the feeding belt for the homogeneous spread of the products
120 or 240 Air Valves
Network Connection
Touch Screen User Interface


1200 mm scanning area


Capacity varies depending on the density of the product kg / m³
The product with a density of 1000 kilograms per cubic meter can be nominally sorted at four tons per hour


W x L x H - 2350 mm x 7200 mm x 2837 mm


Electricity 240 Vac / max 35 A
Pressured Air Min 6 bar / max 10 bar
Air Quality 40 µm filtered oil free, water free, dust free
Air Consumption Typical 200 m³/h
Air Connection 1 ½ inches
Cooling Water Min 1 bar / max 3 bar
Cooling Water Temperature Min +5 °C / max +12 °C
Cooling water Quality Lime free and reusable
Cooling Water Connection Inlet / Outlet ø 16 mm fittings


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